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auditd_config::AuditdConfig Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Audit daemon config file.

Definition at line 29 of file auditd_config.py.

Public Member Functions

def __eq__
def __init__
def __ne__
def read
def write

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string FAILURE_EMAIL = 'email'
string FAILURE_EXEC = 'exec'
string FAILURE_HALT = 'halt'
string FAILURE_IGNORE = 'ignore'
string FAILURE_SINGLE = 'single'
string FAILURE_SUSPEND = 'suspend'
string FAILURE_SYSLOG = 'syslog'
string FLUSH_DATA = 'data'
string FLUSH_INCREMENTAL = 'incremental'
string FLUSH_NONE = 'none'
string FLUSH_SYNC = 'sync'
string FORMAT_NOLOG = 'nolog'
string FORMAT_RAW = 'raw'
string QOS_LOSSLESS = 'lossless'
string QOS_LOSSY = 'lossy'
string SIZE_IGNORE = 'ignore'
string SIZE_KEEP_LOGS = 'keep_logs'
string SIZE_ROTATE = 'rotate'
string SIZE_SUSPEND = 'suspend'
string SIZE_SYSLOG = 'syslog'

Private Member Functions

def __interpret_option
def __option_values
def __parse_action
def __tokenize_line
def __updated_line

Static Private Attributes

dictionary __case_insensitive_values
dictionary __disp_qos_values = {'lossy': QOS_LOSSY, 'lossless' : QOS_LOSSLESS}
dictionary __failure_action_values
dictionary __flush_values
dictionary __format_values = {'nolog': FORMAT_NOLOG, 'raw': FORMAT_RAW}
dictionary __size_action_values
tuple __slots__
tuple __whitespace_re = re.compile(' +')

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