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def event_type_dialog::EventTypeDialog::_validate_get_failure (   self  )  [private]

Check whether the window state is a valid configuration.

Return None if it is valid.  Otherwise, return (message, notebook page
index or None, widget).

Reimplemented from dialog_base::DialogBase.

Definition at line 107 of file event_type_dialog.py.

00107                                    :
        if self.event_type_condition.get_active():
            if self.event_type_op.get_active() == -1:
                return (_('No operator was selected'), None, self.event_type_op)
            except ParsingError, e:
                return (e.message, None, self.event_type_value)
        return None

    def __event_type_condition_toggled(self, *_):

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