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def auditd_config::AuditdConfig::__option_values (   self  )  [private]

Return option values to write to the config file.

Raise ValueError on invalid configuration.


Definition at line 270 of file auditd_config.py.

00270                              :
        '''Return option values to write to the config file.

        Raise ValueError on invalid configuration.

        vals = {
            'action_mail_acct': self.action_mail_acct,
            'admin_space_left': str(self.admin_space_left),
            'admin_space_left_action': self.admin_space_left_action,
            'disk_error_action': self.disk_error_action,
            'disk_full_action': self.disk_full_action,
            'disp_qos': self.disp_qos,
            'flush': self.flush,
            'freq': str(self.freq),
            'log_file': self.log_file,
            'log_format': self.log_format,
            'log_group': self.log_group,
            'max_log_file': str(self.max_log_file),
            'max_log_file_action': self.max_log_file_action,
            'name_format': self.name_format,
            'num_logs': str(self.num_logs),
            'priority_boost': str(self.priority_boost),
            'space_left': str(self.space_left)
        if self.dispatcher is not None:
            vals['dispatcher'] = self.dispatcher
        if self.name is not None:
            vals['name'] = self.name
        vals2 = {}
        if self.admin_space_left_action.lower() == self.FAILURE_EXEC:
            if self.admin_space_left_exe is None:
                raise ValueError, 'non-None admin_space_left_exe required'
            vals2['admin_space_left_action'] = self.admin_space_left_exe
        if self.disk_error_action.lower() == self.FAILURE_EXEC:
            if self.disk_error_exe is None:
                raise ValueError, 'non-None disk_error_exe required'
            vals2['disk_error_action'] = self.disk_error_exe
        if self.disk_full_action.lower() == self.FAILURE_EXEC:
            if self.disk_full_exe is None:
                raise ValueError, 'non-None disk_full_exe required'
            vals2['disk_full_action'] = self.disk_full_exe
        if self.space_left_action.lower() == self.FAILURE_EXEC:
            if self.space_left_exe is None:
                raise ValueError, 'non-None space_left_exe required'
            vals2['space_left_action'] = self.space_left_exe
        return (vals, vals2)

    __case_insensitive_values = {

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